Summer 2021 FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What is Georgia Tech Summer?

Georgia Tech Summer refers to courses and programs available during the Summer semester, including summer courses delivered on campus or remotely.​​  

Is SOUP still offered?

SOUP was a separate initiative and was a term used to refer to remote-delivery courses offered over the summer. This term is no longer used, but remote-delivery courses are still offered to you over the summer. Essentially, the term SOUP is no longer used but nothing has changed for students in terms of course delivery options. You can still take remote courses during the summer. 

Tuition & Fees

What is are the tuition rates and fees for summer courses?

Tuition rates for Summer 2021 can be found on the Bursar’s website. Please note the following about fees:  

  • Fees follow the same model as past summers.  
  • Students who are enrolled in Campus A course sections will be billed for all fees.  
  • Students who are enrolled in a combination of Campus A course sections and in Campus 1 course sections will be billed for all fees.  
  • Students who are enrolled in Campus 1 sections (remote sections, synchronous and/or asynchronous) will be billed reduced fees (for Technology and Special Institution only), but can opt into CRC, Athletics, and Health Services fees as voluntary options.  

Key Dates & Deadlines

What are the key dates and deadlines for Summer 2021?
  • March 17: Summer Schedule of Classes goes live  
  • March 29: Enrollment Opens  
  • April 1: Non-degree Applications Close  
  • May 17: Classes start – Full, Early Short, Maymester 
  • June 4: Classes End - Maymester 
  • June 22:  Classes End – Early Short   
  • June 23:  Classes Start – Late Short  
  • August 5: Classes End – Full and Late Short     

Where to Submit Your Questions

Where do I submit questions I have about summer?

The Summer Session Initiatives website is the primary source of information about Georgia Tech Summer. To submit a question, use the Contact Us link on the homepage.   

Courses & Delivery Modes

Which courses will be offered over the summer?

A tentative list of courses to be offered in Summer 2021 is currently available and includes the delivery modes for the courses. The list will be updated regularly until the official course schedule is published, so please check it regularly.    

When will the summer course schedule be available? 

You can view live, up-to-date delivery mode and course expectations information for Summer 2021 courses directly in OSCAR when the Schedule of Classes goes live on Wednesday, March 17, 2021. Delivery mode may be subject to change at any time.   

What do I need to know about registration for summer courses?

When you register, you can search for courses as follows:  

  • In-person courses – residential and hybrid  
  • Remote courses – synchronous and asynchronous  
  • Part of term – early short summer session, late short summer session, full term session, maymester  
  • Attribute – residential course, hybrid course, remote synchronous course, remote asynchronous course  

How to search for courses:   

  • If you want to take an in-person residential course, select Georgia Tech-Atlanta* for Campus.  
  • If you want to take an in-person hybrid course, select Georgia Tech-Atlanta* for Campus.  
  • If you want to take a synchronous or asynchronous remote course, select Video for Campus.  
  • You can also search by Attribute (Residential CourseHybrid CourseRemote Synchronous CourseRemote Asynchronous Course) instead of by Campus.  
  • If you search courses by Part of Term, you will see courses from all campuses unless they are restricted by campus coding. 

Please visit the Registrar’s website to view videos on how to register 

You can find additional information about delivery modes and attributes here 

Where can I find course information?  

The course schedule will include course information and expectations, which is loaded and maintained by course instructors. This information may change at any time.  

Can I take courses in different terms?

You can register for courses in multiple terms as long as you register within the registration period. 

What are the course delivery options for Summer 2021?  

The course delivery modes in Summer 2021 will be the same as the delivery modes for Spring 2021: residential, hybrid, remote-asynchronous, or remote-synchronous. The delivery modes for the courses offered are listed in the tentative Summer course list and will be included in the Summer course schedule, which will be published on March 17.  

  • Residential: This is the traditional, in-person delivery of courses, using social distancing measures in our classrooms.  
  • Hybrid: These courses offer a combination of in-person and remote learning experiences. Hybrid courses will include regular and pre-scheduled face-to-face engagement. Some courses and classroom assignments may permit each student to attend class in-person at least once each week within social distancing constraints. This is a general guidepost to inform planning, and actual in-person sessions will depend on the space available and optimal pedagogical approach for the course, with the goal of maximizing face-to-face instruction while maintaining health and safety precautions.  
  • Remote: Some courses will be offered with fully remote delivery, either at the announced and scheduled class time (synchronously) or asynchronously. Remote delivery of courses entails live lectures via video conference or pre-recorded lectures that are posted for students to view in their own time.  
    • Remote synchronous: Faculty can choose to deliver their courses synchronously, which requires all students in the course to attend lectures at the same time.  
    • Remote asynchronous: Faculty can choose to deliver their coursesasynchronously to allow students greater flexibility. Faculty who decide to deliver their instructional content synchronously follow a specific class schedule. Students taking asynchronous courses can view their lectures and work on course content in their own time provided they meet deadlines set by faculty.  
How will exams be handled for remote-delivery courses? 

Exam methods for remote-delivery courses are set by the faculty teaching the courses and may include online proctored exams or take-home exams. Please note that paper exams with in-person proctoring for remote-delivery courses will not be an option in Summer 2021.  

Visiting/Transient Students

What is the process for students from other universities to register for summer courses at Georgia Tech?

If you’re a student for another university, you will need to apply as a transient student. You can follow the directions listed here. Please note that the application deadline is April 12 


How and when do I enroll for summer housing?

Please visit Housing and Residence  to find out about summer housing.  

Financial Aid

Am I eligible for financial aid if I take summer courses?

Students currently receiving aid who wish to be considered for the same aid for summer must complete the 2020-2021 Georgia Tech Application for Scholarships and Financial Aid (GT APP). Enrollment requirements for the summer session are the same as those for the standard academic year. Contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for more information. 

For information specific to your situation, please follow up with your financial aid advisor. 

Health & Safety

Will there be COVID-19 testing this summer?

Yes! We will continue surveillance testing throughout the summer. Find the most up-to-date testing information here. Georgia Tech’s vaccine distribution clinic will continue to operate on campus throughout the summer. Find vaccine information here.