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Summer iGniTe Program

iGniTe your Georgia Tech experience by applying to one of our First Year Summer Launch Programs! iGniTe applications open to admitted students after decisions come out! As soon as a student is admitted to GT, they may apply to iGniTe through their admissions portal.  The last day to apply for iGniTe is May 1st! 

Summer Rolls On

Summer 2020 isn’t shaping up exactly the way many students (and faculty and staff, for that matter) expected. But with expanded course options, lower costs to attend, and the first-ever Maymester at Georgia Tech, the summer semester still offers all kinds of possibilities — and more flexibility than ever.

Key Dates for Summer

MARCH 17, 2021

Course Schedule Available 

MARCH 29, 2021

Summer course registration begins (current students) 

MAY 3, 2021

Deadline to apply to iGniTe in your admission portal (incoming students)

MAY 17, 2021

First day of early short, maymester, & full summer classes

JUNE 4, 2021

Last day of maymester classes

JUNE 22, 2021

Last day of early short classes

JUNE 23, 2021

First day of iGniTe and late short classes

JULY 27, 2021

Last day of late short, iGniTe, & full summer classes

AUGUST 5, 2021

Last day of final exams for iGniTe, late short & full summer classes

Summer 2021

See a tentative list of 2021 courses here

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Course request

Have a summer class that you would like offered? Fill out our summer course request form!

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