Summer Minors & Certificates

summer minors & certificates

About Minors & Certificates

Gain a competitive edge with a minor/certificate added to your declared major. They can enrich your area of study and/or give you the freedom to develop the skills in a subject you love. Upon graduation, you will demonstrate a breadth of knowledge that can help you stand out from the crowd. And if you’re considering graduate school, it can bolster your application. 

Make your summer count by choosing one of the following minor/certificate options: 

The following options are being offered to assist students who may not have the flexibility to pursue a minor or certificate during their fall and spring semesters. For information on how to apply, please contact the departments directly. 


  • Access to high demand courses 
  • An accelerated program of study 
  • Build a foundation for graduate study 
  • Broaden perspectives regarding career options 
  • Focus on core courses 
  • Stay on track with major 
  • Efficient method to complete minor or certificate 

Summer Minors & Certificates

Building Construction

Students in this certificate program are permitted to participate in Building Construction’s annual Career Fair and related career and networking events, and increases your potential for internships in building construction-related positions. Students in this program may also apply to the Master of Science in Building Construction and Facility Management degree in the School of Building Construction without a GRE. 


This minor is designed for students who wish to develop their language skills to at least an intermediate level and to provide themselves with a greater depth than possible with a certificate program. Learn more 

Computing & Intelligence

For those students majoring in disciplines other than computer science who wish to gain a deeper understanding of computing and its applications, the College of Computing offers the minor in computer science. Learn more 

Earth & Atmospheric Science

The School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences offers a minor that is designed to give non-majors a background in the environmental and global change issues that face the world. Learn more 


The School of Economics offers a Minor in Economics for students in all disciplines at Georgia Tech. The minor program provides a foundation in economic analysis and decision-making that is especially valuable for students in engineering and the natural and physical sciences, as well as students considering graduate work in law, public policy, or business administration. It should also be attractive to students who wish to broaden their education and to better understand the forces that shape the modern world.  

Summer 2020 courses here! 


This minor is designed for students who wish to develop their language skills to at least an intermediate level in French, and who wish to gain a greater depth of knowledge about the language and culture. Learn more 


This minor is for students who want to broaden their educations, the study of history provides a context for understanding the world and develops analytical abilities, verbal and written communications skills, and the critical thinking that is the bedrock of active citizenship. Learn more 

Industrial Design

Students from across campus can complete an Industrial Design Minor to strengthen their skills and understanding of creative problem solving as it relates to design.  The ID Minor provides and introduction to basic competency in sketching and visualization; an understanding of design methods and human factors and a chance to apply this knowledge to a practical design studio problem. This minor will provide interested students from other disciplines at Georgia Tech accelerated access to the graduate program in Industrial Design. Learn more 

Leadership Studies—Business

The Minor in Leadership Studies has as its primary objective the goal of providing students with an in-depth knowledge of leadership theory, skills, experience, and application through a rigorous program of study that is multi-disciplinary in nature. Learn more 


The minor connects studies of the physical structures and mental processes involved in human language; the psychological, neurobiological, and social/societal factors that enable humans to acquire, use, comprehend and produce language; and the application of computer science to the analysis and synthesis of language and speech. Learn more 

Middle East & North African Studies

This interdisciplinary minor connects studies of the regions and countries in the Middle East – their languages, their cultures, and their peoples, both concurrently in their national and international relationships as well as longitudinally over the course of history. Learn more 

Social Justice

The minor in Social Justice (SJ) is for undergraduate students who are interested in incorporating an in-depth awareness of social issues into their fields of study and careers. Students develop the analytic skills, social understanding, and creative mindsets needed to become informed, ethical, and innovative problem solvers and leaders in an increasingly global and technological world. Learn More 



The study of sociology develops analytical abilities, verbal and written communication skills, and invaluable critical tools for understanding the contemporary world. Sociology is good preparation for a broad array of careers, including business, education, public administration, and social work. Learn more 


This program is designed for students who wish to develop their language skills to at least an intermediate level in Spanish, and who wish to gain a greater depth of knowledge about the language and culture. Learn more 

Sustainable Cities

The School of City and Regional Planning offers a minor in Sustainable Cities that emphasizes both sustainability and community engagement. It provides students with a deep learning experience that integrates classroom learning and direct real-world community-based project experience in creating a more sustainable built environment. Learn More 

Women, Science, & Technology (WST)

The Women, Science, and Technology (WST) program links science and technology issues to those issues more traditionally associated with women’s studies. The minor helps students develop their understanding of the human side of science and engineering involving not only gender issues, but inequalities of race and class as well. Learn more