iGniTe 7 week Pilot

iGniTe 7 Week Pilot - Summer 2022

The iGniTe program will be offering two early start STEM courses – Physics I (PHYS 2211)  and Linear Algebra (Math 1553) over a 7-week period.  Students will enroll in a total of three classes (6-7 credits), which may include one of the two 7-week courses. The 7-week courses will meet remotely for the first two weeks and then in person for the five remaining weeks of iGniTe. Students should consult with their academic advisors before choosing this option. 


Course mode: Hybrid  

June 8-June 21 – remote synchronous class sessions 

June 22-Aug 4 – in person class sessions  


Important Dates 

Course Dates; June 8 – Aug 4 

April 1 – April 25 – 2122 FAFSA and GT Fin AId app 

May 2 – Last day to apply to iGniTe  

June 2 – Class registration  

June 6 – Financial Aid disbursements 

June 8 – First day of class (remote)  

June 10 – Add/Drop date  

June 10 – Tuition/fees due 

June 18 – Move in day   

More About iGniTe
How to register?

Registration will take place on June 2. The Office of the Registrar will enroll students in their summer courses. Students need to consult with their advisors about their summer schedule  

What will my summer schedule look like?
  • Students taking Physics I will enroll in APPH 1040 and GT 1000 
  • Students taking Math 1553 will enroll in GT 1000 and a (3) credit core course  
Will we attend a FASET (orientation)?

Because students will be pre-enrolled, there will not be a need to attend FASET to register for summer courses. 

Is it possible to enroll in both courses for the 7-week?

No, it is not advisable for students to enroll in both courses due to the pace and workload of the classes over the summer term.  

What are the pre-requisites for each class?

PHYS 2211 –  

AP/ DE/ IB credit for MATH 1551 AND MATH 1552

MATH 1553-

Math SAT Section Score (new SAT) of 620 or ACT 26 or ACT equivalent 600 or MATH 1113 Precalculus or 15X2 or 1X52 or MATH 1552 Integral Calculus. 

MATH 1553MATH 1554, and MATH 1564 are equivalent and only one can be taken for credit.  

Can I enroll in one of the 7-week course only for summer?

No, all students in iGniTe must enroll in a total of 3 classes that will total to 6-7 credits.  

Does financial aid application apply for this?

Yes, students will follow the standard financial aid application process for all iGniTe students. Students are advised to apply as early as possible. 

Who is recommended for this option?

Typical majors for the courses are not limited to, but include the following: 

  • Physics I – Engineering, Computer Science, Science, and some Design majors.  
  • Linear Algebra – Engineering (except ECE), Sciences, and Design