ignite first year summer launch program


about the ignite summer launch program

iGniTe your Georgia Tech experience by applying to one of our First Year Summer Launch Programs! First year students admitted for summer enter Georgia Tech for the late short summer term and will participate in iGniTe. First year students admitted for Fall term may also apply to change their admit term to summer to be a part of iGniTe! This is a great opportunity to get a head start on classes, learn the campus, and make friends! 

New first-year students who are accepted into the iGniTe summer cohort will begin classes in mid-summer 2022. 

Students will be able to experience the iGniTe community, take classes, attend events, and build relationships with their peers.


Most courses for iGniTe are included in the core curriculum. Students enrolled in iGniTe Summer Launch Program will take 6-7 credits of core, major, or elective courses, including a 1-credit GT 1000 course in 5 weeks of instructional time. Students should consult theGT degree programson what will work best for their intended major. 


Any major can select any of the seven tracks.  


Admitted first-years can select iGniTe Summer Launch Program via their Admission Portal (after receiving a letter of admission to Georgia Tech).

When registering for the iGniTe Summer Launch Program, students rank tracks selected from most to least preferred.

By selecting iGniTe Summer Launch Program, you are changing your admission term to Summer!

The last day to register for the program is May 2, 2022!


2021 costs*

*Prices for 2022 will be updated as soon as confirmed 

Tuition: $341.93 per credit hour for residents (In-State) or $1,045.67 per credit hour for non-residents (Out-of-State).

Student Fees: $1020 for 6-7 credits

iGniTe Program Fee: $200

Housing: $1,387

Dining (choose one): 

$1,674 price

Dining Dollars $1000

Buzzcard Funds        $674

Total                       $1,674


$1,175 price

Dining Dollar $600

Buzzcard Funds      $575

Total                       $1,175


Visit the Financial Aid website for more about aid for summer 2021. 

Visit the Bursar’s website for more about tuition and fees.

Visit the Dining website for more info about locations. 

Visit the Housing website for more info about rates.


iGniTe students will begin classes in mid-June 2022. FASET (orientation) dates will be prior to the start of classes. 



Class registration for the iGniTe semester will take place during FASET along with access to your academic advisors.

For more information regarding FASET, visit the FASET orientation website.


Are you a prospective iGniTe student?

Get in touch with us!

Email: summer@gatech.edu

Email is the best way to contact us at this time!



Dec 11, 2021 – iGniTe App opens (in summer programs portal for admitted students)

May 2, 2022 – last day to apply to iGniTe

June 22, 2022 – first day of iGniTe classes




Ignite program faq


When does iGniTe start?

New first-year students who are accepted into the iGniTe summer cohort will begin classes on June 22, 2022.

Move-in will be prior to the first day of class.

FASET (orientation) will also be prior to the first day of class. More info here.

How should I choose a track?

 The iGniTe programs are structured to get some of your core courses completed in summer and provide you with a head start at Tech. You should choose your iGniTe track based on your interests and what will benefit you the most. For more information about the tracks, visit ourTracks page.

Notes about track selection for particular majors:

Ivan Allen College:

iGniTe students majoring in these programs (ALIS, CM, ECON, EIA, GEML, HTS, IAML, INTA, LMC, PUBP) are expected to enroll in the Leadership or Analyzing Atlanta tracks and then register for those sections of GT 1000 that are reserved for Ivan Allen students when course registration begins. 

College of Design:

The architecture and design track is specifically designed to benefit incoming architecture students by introducing them to the culture of the school. They will take courses required for the major. Architecture majors are required to enroll in the Architecture & Design track.

What classes will I take?

You will take a GT 1000 course that is based on your iGniTe track, as well as two more courses. You will take 6-7 credits total.

To view the full summer 2021 schedule, visit OSCAR and search for the summer 2021 class schedule! Summer 2022 schedule will be available in Spring 2022.

When does class registration take place?

iGniTe students will register for classes at FASET, where you will have access to academic advisors to help plan your schedule if needed. 

More info about FASET can be found here

What does it mean to be accepted for the summer term?

Being accepted for the summer term means that the student will begin their Georgia Tech career and attend iGniTe over the summer. Students accepted for the fall term may also apply to attend iGniTe through their admission portal and switch to the summer term. 

You may read more here about summer admission.

Will iGniTe be virtual or in person?

Summer 2021 iGniTe included both residential and online options. Courses for these students were offered in residential (in-person), hybrid, and online modes

Additionally, co-curricular events and activities were offered virtually and in person.

Summer 2022 iGniTe details will be provided as soon as available. If you have any questions, please contact us at summer@gatech.edu