Summer Study Abroad

The following is a list of study abroad courses that were cancelled for the summer of 2020, but are instead being offered online.

*If a course is marked with an asterisk, that means students need to attend lecture at a specific time online. If a course isn't marked with an asterisk, then there's no set class time and students can work through on their own.

This is not a complete list as more classes will be added over time 

To see these classes by summer term, please click here.

Repurposed Study Abroad Courses

AE2010: Thermodynamics & Fluid Fundamentals
AE2220: Dynamics
AE3030: Aerodynamics
AE3140: Structural Analysis
AE3330: Intro to Vehicle Performance
AE3340: Design and Systems Engineering Methods
AE3530: System Dynamics and Vibration
AE3531: Control System Analysis and Design
AE4342: Space System Design
AE4361: Space Flight Operations
AE4451: Jet & Rocket Propulsion
AE4532: Spacecraft Flight Dynamics
AE4701: Wind Engineering
AE4803: Advanced Aircraft Propulsion
ARCH3007: Art and Arch in Greece*
ARCH3135: City Literacy: What Makes a City Great*
ARCH4017: Senior Design Studio II*
ARCH4833: Prototyping
ARCH6316: Practice of Architecture II*
ARCH6350: Design & Research Studio* 
ARCH8833: Prototyping
ARCH8903: Ind Study for Arch and MSUD Students
BMED2400: Intro Bioengineering Statistics*
BMED3100: Systems Physiology*
BMED3520: Biomedical Systems and Modeling*
BMED4750: Diagnostic Imaging Physics
BMED4813: Biomedical and Health Informatics
BMED4823: Global Health and Bioengineering
BMED4833: Tissue Engineering*
CEE3051: Intro to Structural Engineering
CHBE3130: Chem Eng Thermo II*
CHBE3200: Transport Processes I* 
CHBE4200: Unit Operations*
CHBE4210: Bio-Unit Operations Laboratory*
CHBE4775: Polymer Science & Engr I*
CHBE4803: Chemical Engr: Adv Polymer Eng*
CHIN3400: China Cultural Odyssey
CHIN3696: Eco Dev & Sustainability*
COE2001: Statics
COE3001: Deformable Bodies
CS1315: Intro to Media Computation*
CS1331: Intro to OOP*
CS2050: Discrete Math for CS*
CS2340: Objects & Design*
CS2316: Data Input/Manipulation*​
CS4001: Computing & Society*
CS4400: Intro to Database Systems*
CS4641: Machine Learning*
ECE3710: Circuits and Electronics 
FREN2002: French Culture II
FREN3001: French Literature 1800-1850
FREN3014: Intro to Contemporary France
FREN3061: Advanced Business French I
FREN3120: French Conversation & Culture
FREN4011: French Art
GRMN2001: Intermediate German I
GRMN2002: Intermediate German II
GRMN3010: Intro to German Literature
GRMN3030: Crossing Borders
GRMN3071: Business German
GRMN4001: Advanced German Grammar
HTS2084: Technology and Society
INTA3040: Energy, Environment, and Policy
INTA3203: Comparative Politics
INTA3242: Soccer and Global Politics
INTA4811: Intl Philanthropy/Sustain Dev
ISYE2027: Probability
ISYE3103: Logistics
ISYE3232: Stochastic Mfg & Serv Sys
ISYE3770: Statistics & Applications
JAPN3691: Technical & Scientific Japanese*
JAPN3692: Business Japanese*
JAPN3813: Special Topics: Gateway to Advanced Japanese I*
KOR2001: Intermediate Korean I*
KOR2002: Intermediate Korean II*
KOR3691: Business Korean*
KOR3693: Exploring Modern Korea*
KOR4060: Media and Public Culture
LMC3262: Performance Studies
LMC3314: Tech of Representation
ME3322: Thermodynamics
ME4701: Wind Engineering​
MSE2001: Principles and Applications of Engineering Materials*
MGT2106: Legal, Social, Ethical Aspects of Business*
MGT3300: Marketing Management I*
MGT3660: International Business*
PUBP3600: Sustain, Tech and Policy
RUSS1002: Elementary Russian II*
RUSS2001: Intermediate Russian I*
RUSS2002: Intermediate Russian II*
RUSS2813: Special Topics: Intensive Small-Group Companion Course*
RUSS3001: Advanced Russian I*
RUSS3002: Advanced Russian II*
RUSS3813: Special Topics: Contemporary Russian*
SPAN1001: Elementary Spanish I
SPAN1002: Elementary Spanish II
SPAN2001: Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN2002: Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN3040: Practical Applications of Spanish Grammar
SPAN3064: Medical Spanish*
SPAN3101: Conversation I*
SPAN3111: Composition I
SPAN3260: Identity in Hispanic Literature
SPAN3300: Satire & Media Americas
SPAN3813: Special Topics: Ethics, Science & Gender
SPAN4360: Covering LatinX Culture
SPAN4454: Latin America through Film