Summer Session Course Guarantee and Course Development Grants

As part of Georgia Tech’s effort to expand summer school course offerings and student enrollment and accordingly, to improve student advancement, the Institute is making available to colleges the following funding programs to encourage this expansion:

1. Course Guarantees – The Provost’s Office will provide funding to cover the cost of instruction for a course that does not meet enrollment targets.

2. Course Development Grants – The Provost’s Office will provide funding to help colleges develop additional summer courses and also modify existing courses. 

Applicants may apply for both the Course Guarantee and the Course Development Grant programs.  However, only one award will be provided for each course. 

This program is designed to encourage growth in on-campus summer course offerings, therefore is only available to on-campus (Atlanta) courses at this time.  

Program Details

Provost Course Guarantee

Enables Summer Session Initiatives to guarantee financial support to colleges/schools/departments for offering select summer courses that are important to promoting timely completion of degrees. These courses may be proposed by Summer Session Initiatives or the College/School/Dept. 

Funded courses reduce the financial risk to colleges by supplementing the instructional costs in the event a course fails to meet enrollment targets. 

Funding for this grant is awarded to the college(s) who incur the instructional expense. 

What types of courses are ideal for this grant? 

- high demand courses

- minor and certificate courses that will assist students in completion of those programs

- courses that will advance students ahead in their degree


Extended! Jan 10

Innovative Course Development Grant

Awards grants for new course development and redesign for summer session (short session or full session). The goal is to incentivize faculty to create courses unique to summer that provide an enriching academic experience, help advanced degree completion, or that traditionally are not offered in summer.

Funded courses must be offered in subsequent summers by the school/dept.

Funding for this grant is awarded directly to faculty for the course(s).  

What types of courses are ideal for this grant?

- courses that have never been offered in summer or have not been offered for some time in summer and redesign is needed.  


Extended! Jan 10


Ready to apply? 

Applicants will need the course information (number, description, and title), instructor(s) information, information for the dept scheduler, and the most recent syllabus for the course. Applicants will also need to specify the target majors and expected enrollments for the course(s). 

Who should apply? 

Faculty are welcome to apply for their own courses, as are department contacts, and school contacts. 

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