Summer Session Initiatives is launching a pilot 3-week summer part of term, called “Maymester.” Maymester is a three-week accelerated term, which allows students to take a 3-credit course in 15 days, or 3 weeks!

The Maymester is a new pilot addition to the three existing summer parts of term: Early Short, Late Short, and Full Summer.

Course Dates: May 11-May 29, 2020

Maymester Course List (tentative):

  1. ECON 4180 - Game Theory

  2. HTS 2100- Science and Technology in the Modern World

  3. INTA 2050- Introduction to Global Development

  4. ML 2500- Intro to Cross-Cultural Studies 

  5. MSE 2001- Principles and Applications of Engineering Materials

  6. MUSI 3630- History of Jazz

  7. PSYCH 1101- General Psychology

  8. FREN 3120: French Conversation and Culture