iGniTe FAQ

What residence hall will I live in for iGniTe? iGniTe students living on campus will live in Glenn and Towers residence halls for the late summer short 2020. For more information about housing options, visit the housing website

How should I choose a track? The iGniTe programs are structured to get some of your core courses completed in summer and provide you with a head start at Tech. You should choose your iGniTe track based on your interests and what will benefit you the most. For more information about the tracks, visit our Tracks page.

What classes will I take? You will take a GT 1000 course that is based on your iGniTe track, as well as two more courses. You will take 6-7 credits total.

Should I live on campus or off? If you choose to live on campus, you will live on East Campus with other students in the iGniTe program. If you live off campus, you'll commute to campus and still participate in fun events and opportunities on campus!

What meal plan will I have? As part of iGniTe, all first-year students in the Living Learning Community are enrolled in a meal plan for the summer, so there is no need to purchase an additional plan prior to your arrival. If you live off campus for iGniTe, you may choose to purchase a meal plan, but this is not required. 

When does iGniTe start? iGniTe students will begin classes on June 17, 2020. However, students should plan to be available and have their schedules clear starting on June 14, 2020, to accommodate for move-in, getting settled on campus, and attending summer first-year FASET orientation. 

When does class registration take place? iGniTe students will register for classes at FASET. 

What does it mean to be accepted for the summer term? Being accepted for the summer term means that the student will begin their Georgia Tech career and attend iGniTe over the summer. Students accepted for the fall term may also apply to attend iGniTe through their admission portal and switch to the summer term. 

I am admitted for fall but considering iGniTe, do I go ahead and register for FASET? If you are a fall admit considering iGniTe, please consider waiting to sign up for FASET until you have decided on iGniTe! iGniTe changes your FASET dates, as iGniTe students have specific FASETs for them.