5 Things to Do in Atlanta this Summer


Georgia Tech is located in Midtown, a part of Atlanta that is bustling with fun activities all summer long. As an iGniTe Summer First Year, you can explore the city while also exploring campus, getting accustomed to college courses, and meeting new people! Here are five things to check out while you are here over the summer.

The Atlanta Beltline

Located in the heart of Midtown, the Atlanta Beltline is an exciting place over the summer. The Beltline is a 22 mile loop of pavement that will connect many different neighborhoods around Atlanta. The loop is still under construction and has been created by removing old railroad tracks and then paving the ground. The Beltline was an idea formulated by one of Georgia Tech’s own- Ryan Gravel! This GT alum came up with the idea for his Master’s thesis and the plan was then implemented in the city. Fun fact: Ryan Gravel actually came to speak to Summer iGniTe students about sustainability and the future of the Atlanta Beltline during iGniTe 2018! You can bike, walk, run, rollerblade, and more on the Beltline and as you go down it, you will see parks, cool graffiti, delicious restaurants, and possibly other Tech students! The Beltline is next to Piedmont Park and has Ponce City Market and Krog Street market right off of it.

Atlanta Food Truck Park and Market

The Atlanta Food Truck Park on Howell Mill Road is a summer highlight for many Atlantans. This market has exactly what the title sounds like- a bunch of different food trucks in a parking lot! This is super fun thing to do with people you meet through iGniTe over the summer.

Atlanta Dream and Atlanta United

The Atlanta Dream is the Atlanta women’s professional basketball team and they have their home games on campus in McCamish! If you are interested in watching a game, tickets are usually pretty inexpensive, if not free for GT students. Also, a huge hit in Atlanta are the Atlanta United soccer games in Mercedes-Benz stadium. The games are really exciting and a huge hit in Atlanta! Also, last year iGniTe students got free tickets for a game and loved it!

Piedmont Park Dog Park

If you love dogs, head on over to the Piedmont Park dog park to hang out with some cute pups! You can walk around the park, play frisbee, bring food for a picnic, swim during the pool free hours, and much more. Piedmont Park is such a fun place to explore during the summer!

Krog Street Market

Located at the end of the Beltline, Krog Street Market is another fun place to eat and hang out with people. You can get there from campus by biking, rollerblading, running or possibly walking (if you’re willing to walk a pretty long way). This market has ice cream, pizza, salads, sushi, and more!

Get excited for a summer in Atlanta!